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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What We Know

What we know about the two presidential presumptives, thanks to Rev. Rick Warren's Faith Forum, is that:

John McCain is congenitally incapable of diverging from his stump speech talking points to the extent that he'll even alert you that he's going to ignore your question so he can bombast about his talking points.

Barack Obama is cool, measured, thoughtful, reasoned, nuanced, diplomatic and have I mentioned thoughtful? Guess that "aloha spirit" from his "foreign, exotic" vacation with his family in the state where he grew up was good for him. Maybe we should all toss in a few coin and send Chippy, erm, Cokie Roberts over there for a little attitude adjustment.

But how much more did we learn about the candidates? Did we learn where Johnny McCain got his wacky sense of humor? Did we learn why his Mommy sued his first wife after he dumped her for a younger, rich heiress blonde wife...getting his marriage license before he even had his divorce papers finalized? Did we learn about Johnny's ties to lobbyists and their ties to most all the scandals and controversies of the day?

Some say we've heard too much about Barack Obama. Some--like Frank Rich--say we haven't yet heard enough about John McCain.

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