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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ends Reflect the Means

Bob Schieffer is the gold standard of teevee reportering. CBS on Sunday mornings is the gold standard of substantive broadcasting. All else is dreck.

All else is pro wrestling in chairs.

Pundits and surrogates talking past each other to score talking points without paying attention to contradict lies and bullshit. See: Meet the Press depressing...nevermind. Go over to Huffington Post and read Linkins instead.

Meanwhile, Schieffer is asking serious questions on serious issues. The state of the economy this morning. Worth viewing over at the CBS FTN site, if you missed it.

Schieffer closed his program this morning with a commentary on the Machiavelli style of campaigning [ends justify the means, so we'll deal with collateral damage after--see: McCain campaign] vs. the Gandhi meme: the ends reflect the means.

Chiming in with Schieffer, I'll observe that last week's barrage of crapola from the McCain campaign serves nobody well. And reflects the sorry state of these untied states these days. But I'll bet BushCo's "our man" Ailes and Limbaugh are lovin' it.

I'll go with Schieffer and Gandhi, thank you very much.

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