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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Sometimes it's good to be on vacation. But sometimes circumstances intrude even into the deepest reaches of the tall timber.

Years ago, when I learned the backstory of Newt Gingrich and his selfish hubristic treatment of his wife...which seemed to repeat itself over and over with each of his wives...I dubbed him the "slime beneath pond scum."

Then out here in Prairie Country I ran across guys who showed similar despicable dishonor of their wives and slime beneath pond scum got shortened to Ratboy.

Guess there's a new entrant in the club now.

The press embarrasses itself in its slavish hyperventilating as they race to frame this as a problem for Democrats and Obama. Thing is, as Josh over at TPM and others before me have pointed out, it's McCain and Republicans like Gingrich who most closely resemble the kind of cavalier "saint [wife] and sinner [husband]" that this latest Edwards moment reveals.

So the histrionic sanctimonious press will be on display, too, for whether they exhibit good nonpartisan evenhanded reporting...or are Ratboys, too. If the standard is lying to the press, then the press has the duty to follow the threads and seek out and report the truth. Whether it's a Democratic figure, or a Republican one. And hey, what was the skinny on that story about Ol' Tom back in the day?

But history tells me, they'll be Ratboys...just like the philandering selfish husbands. Because one thing holds true...if it happened once, it happened over and over and over and over and....
....and...has anybody mentioned there's a war on in Georgia? And what about Moldova? And....

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