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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Two-fer?

Maybe it's just me. But here's the thing. There's this potentially Class 5 hurricane name o'Gustav bearing down on the Gulf Coast, a massive evacuation effort underway right now in New Orleans.

The governor of Alabama has already declared a state of emergency.

The oil rigs out in the Gulf are in lockdown storm mode.

The tension and focus are at a fever pitch all up and down the Gulf Coast, demanding the undistracted attention of every form of law enforcement and emergency crews and first responders and....

What's this? The Gambler and his fresh new political bride, Saintly Sarah with the slightly tarnished [investigation? what investigation?] halo are planning to descend on Mississippi for a campaign intro moment? A look-see. A photo-op sayin' oh, my, we're so concerned....

Wonder if they'll stage it at Haley Barbour's pride and joy, the casinos, freshly - constructed - after - Katrina - while - people - are - still - to - this - day - living - in - fahn - Mississippi - toxic - FEMA - trailers ...then The Gambler can just head across the plush carpet and shoot a few craps.

While his staged political opportunism craps on the people still trying to recover from Katrina when he was oh-so-busy showin' off his birthday cake with his real best friend for political life...George W. Bush and his Rovian hordes.

Hey, L'il john, you're supposed to be headin' for the headwaters of the Mississippi--Minnesota. Maybe instead of distracting and dividing up the responsibilities of the Gulf Coast/Mississippi emergency folks, you can give a little distraction to your stormtroops who are up here invading the houses of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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