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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hillary 2.0 with a multiplier

Everything the Rethugs have told us for years they hated about Hillary Clinton we're now seeing unfold in Cindy McCain. Appearing this morning on ABC to tell George Stephanopoulos how offended she was by Obama's Invesco Field speech. The beer baroness meeting privately with Sarah "Barracuda" Palin at her Arizona getaway ranch just before McCain's endorsement.

Even Cindy's trip into the war zone of Georgia...did she get roses? Did she chat up any of the American "advisors" and thank 'em for the campaign boost?

Along with everything else this campaign season is tellin' us about the tired old party, the emergence of Cindy McCain's iron hand in the campaign reinforces just how hypocritical the Rethugs are.

And everything they point their finger at goes back at them four-fold.

Meanwhile, we have McCain's arranged "marriage" with his newfound soulmate...yeah, I'm thinkin' Putin, too. Although it doesn't seem to be her eyes he was checkin' out in the video from Dayton. Funny, though, how the metaphors have a way of coming full circle.

So right now, we've got the new darlin' of the Republican base. Palin...meet Putin...meet....[Evita] Peron?

Well, there is the small matter of her lying about being strongly anti-bridge-to-Nowhere. And using the power of her office to get a state official fired when he wouldn't jump to her command and her husband's 24 phone calls. And say, just what was her "Dude" doin' sitting in on state meetings about gas and oil while he worked for the oil industry?

And that's just the first weekend. Imagine what we've yet to learn once Gustav passes.

"Don't cry for me, Minnesota...."

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Anonymous said...

McCain/Pain 2008!!!

(Ooops, sorry but what the "L")