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Friday, August 15, 2008

Moral Bankruptcy-Summer Edition

In a week when we've been treated to the twin spectres of political grandstanding at its most low--McCain slavering over warmongering and Matalin's avatar Corsi sleazing about Obama--the weekend, according to CNN, will put both presidential candidates on view for questioning on their faith and values. The conversations with Rev. Rick Warren are supposed to tell us about the character of each of these two.

I've been seeing more than I want of the character of one of the candidates this week. John McCain's unabashed, craven, covetous rush for the Presidency was on display as he grabbed the microphone to lash out against Russia for the situation in Georgia and for all manner of sins going back to the Cold War.

Maybe nobody's told McReckless that someone else is President. I know it's hard to believe when the playing-boy President is doin' cheers with the flag and Pootie-poot while havoc was erupting in Georgia. But then, that's what happens when you've mortgaged your country and your soul to the Chinese...you must pretend that their games are your life's highest priority.

Or maybe they are.

Meanwhile, if McCain...or his handlers...or his Rovian-schooled advisors think that giving the American people a glimpse of an even more reckless, more bellicose, more opportunistic war-monger than Bush 43 is a smart idea, well...maybe not so much.

And speaking of Rove, in the crucible of the vile Jerome Corsi smear book, has there ever been a female doppelganger more morally bankrupt than Corsi's project manager/editor, Mary "a good piece of scholarship" Matalin? No wonder she scuttled out of Foggy Bottom. But doesn't New Orleans have enough problems already?

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