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Saturday, August 2, 2008

John McCain = Cynical

In a press conference this a.m. in Florida, Barack Obama responded to a reporter's question by saying he doesn't think the McCain campaign's attacks on him this week were racial. He thinks they are cynical.

Hmmm, take the max in contributions from a wealthy contributor like Paris Hilton's father and then make a mockery of her in an ad. Yeah, I'd call that cynical.

Mock and make fun of people who are supporting a candidate who offers policies and plans that will make their lives better. Yeah, I'd call that cynical.

Whisper in the ears of your BBQ media buddies to change the subject from the reality that all you have to offer is another four years of BushCo America. Yeah, I'd call that cynical.

Tell a reporter it's all just good clean fun...yeah. I'd call that cynical, too.

Then go and take the weekend off at one of your eight homes and put up your $520 Ferragamo-shod feet while the people of America are facing job cuts and downsizing and loss of job benefits and shorter pay hours and rising food costs, and higher fuel costs, and worry about how to heat their homes this winter, and loss of health insurance and weaker schools and roads and bridges...

Yeah. I'd call that cynical, too.

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