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Friday, August 22, 2008

Breaking the Mold

We've seen a lot of breaking the mold of late...Dara Torres, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, the Japanese women's softball team....

So it was a head-scratching moment for me when a CNN newsreader expressed bewilderment to Jessica Yellin, on location in Chicago, about why Obama has not yet announced his veep choice. Why on a Saturday...that's just not doooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne.

Yes, I know she was probably just reciting in her best dumbed-down persona what some idiot producer thought would be a clever script-take, but come on...

Maybe it's, you know, part of a well-thought-out plan...kind of like the campaign we've been seeing from the Obama folks. Not a half-cocked, half-baked, knee-jerk, hair-trigger overreaction to some external event. Ya think?

So will it be Biden? Earlier this week in Fargo, that was Senator Dorgan's prediction. The media buzz is certainly building in that direction. The video of his family joining him at his home in Delaware points that way.

Hey guys, ever think it's just a fare-well gathering for Biden's son before he ships out to Iraq?
jes kiddin'....

Maybe it's time to start searchin' out those Irish tartan patterns. I'm thinkin' it'll be Biden.

But Barack can take whatever time he wants, in whatever order he wants to take it, because the buildup of the veepstakes is just one more example of how Obama is breaking the mold.

And that's what champions do.
Psssst, Pentagon: how 'bout you guys doin' a little mold breakin', too, and clean up those barracks our troops are recuperating in at Fort Sill and elsewhere. That would be real military honor.

And we've seen enough of the Faux.

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