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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Long-Suffering Wives Club

In Ohio, some say the tide will be tipped toward Obama because of John McCain's role in the outsourcing of DHL jobs.

Tip O'Neill said it, all politics is local.

Hereabouts in Prairie Country [aka the Dakotas and the best of Minnesota], McCain just may be done in by a Buffalo Chip.

As Jane Ahlin points out today in Fargo's Forum, McCain's suggestion that his wife Cindy would make a fine entrant for the Miss Buffalo Chip Contest...right along with being a fine first lady...was met with, well, a pointed response from the bikers in the audience at Sturgis.

Surely John McCain realized something wasn’t quite right when a bunch of the patriotic fellows he was addressing at the Sturgis (S.D.) Motorcycle Rally shouted to Cindy McCain, “Show us your boobs!” But by then it was too late.
The Miss Buffalo Chip contest is noted for such qualifying events as "live orgasm," "wet t-shirt" and "pickle licking" contests.

And it's not as though McCain tossed off his little bon mots to Cindy on the spur of the moment, notes Ahlin.
Like many others, when I first heard this story, I thought McCain must have been trying to be clever with a little off-the-cuff humor that bombed. But video of the event shows that’s not so (that darned Internet). He read his wife joke from a prepared script, which makes one wonder not simply whether he thought it was funny (obviously he did), but also whether he practiced it.
Even before the big revelation about another politician who shall forever be named "Ratboy," I noted in a Friday commentary that McCain has real women issues [go ahead, scroll back].

Maybe the mainstream media, The Villagers and other Very Important People are still pretending that isn't so, but in light of recent events, its abundantly clear out here in Politics, Local where reality exists that two men this week have shown their worst colors when it comes to how they treat their wives.

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