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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wag the Bear?

Listening to John McCain sabre rattle about Russia gives pause. What cannot be ignored is the controversy of McCain's lobbyist/supporter Scheuneman's murky business ties to Georgia.

McCain has pushed himself to center stage on this story, in the absence of Obama, who is vacationing in Hawaii with his family, and current-president Bush, who is between vacations in China and Crawford.

If the situation weren't so grave, it would be funny contemplating McCain staging a reprise of Alexander Haig's "I am in charge" moment back in the day.

And he notes that in the 21st Century, "nations don't invade other nations." Ahem...Iraq, Senator? Iran in waiting?

And in one breath McCain says "This is no time for that" in response to reporters' questions about politization...while announcing his two key campaign acolytes, Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman will be travelling to Georgia.

Why not the other members of the Armed Services Committee, Senator McCain? From both sides of the political aisle? And just why is this committee your self-declared one to be "in charge." And whazzup with usurping the authority of Committee Chair Carl Levin?

Shouldn't it be Biden's Foreign Relations Committee on point for this situation?

Apparently, for McCain, the presumptuous president syndrome applies to current Senatorial rank, as well.
Meanwhile, Russia's foreign minister is upping the ante, saying the U.S. must choose sides.

Heckuva job, all those BushCo's who prodded Georgia into its intemperate action that triggered this flashpoint. We don't need a third term of rash, reckless, bellicose warmongering.

UPDATE: What did Condi say to the Georgian President when she was there last month...and what did Bush's Brain and current informal McCain advisor and Faux Propaganda Network analyst Karl Rove promise Shaakashvili only days later?

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