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Monday, August 11, 2008

Presumptuous Presumptive

Watching John McCain today, standing in front of Flags pontificating on the Russian invasion into Georgia, it occurred to me: where are all the media scolds willing to leap on the Bash-Obama bandwagon about presuming to think or act presidential now?

And...was this an Alexander "I am in charge" Haig moment or what? Wonder what Co-President Chee-knee thinks about McCain today?

Thing is, this situation in Georgia is a deeply serious matter, and we have the FratBoy Prez partyin' with Putin in China, the stain of our corrupt policies and torture in the War in Iraq muzzling our diplomacy, and now the Republican presumptive pretender jumping in to hold court.

Why, this morning on a new Prairie Country radio station in a live "our first guest" interview with Scott Hennen—better known as the guy who got Chee-knee to say [paraphrased] yeah, we torture what's it to ya, America—John McCain discussed with Hennen how the Georgia mess is all very good for McCain's commander-in-chiefiness.

Fine start to another entry in the annals of Big Brother Broadcasting. No links available yet on Hennen's conversation with McCain at the website am1100.tv, but isn't it ironic that a station that bills itself as "The Flag" and uses full page depth, full-color cross-shaped advertising in the local daily has outsourced its website to Tuvalu, some "exotic" "foreign" island in the middle of the Pacific near Australia where they still bow to the crown.

We're in deep doo-doo and all the Rethugs and their media shills can do is look for some partisan political advantage because of it. Ah, but the loyalist Redcoats do still hold court.

Heckuva job, Republicans.

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