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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zero Degrees of Separation

Last time I saw Frank Luntz, before the recent Q&A in the New York Times [milepost courtesy Thinkprogress], he was on Bill Maher's Show, preening in his almost/just gained? doctoral degree.

And being his usual lumpen self...

So when I came across this line in the Thinkprogress post, I was compelled to follow the link to the NYT and read the whole piece:

I’m not a policy person. I’m a language person.

It's the kind of careful distancing we see often from the consultancy, if we look closely.

As if, somehow, the stench of those they work for doesn't rub off on them....that it's just "process" or "ain't beanbag" or....

Mike Rowe would have a field day with this crowd as they gabble around, endlessly circling from one news network to another, proffering the same predictable talking points, in a cotillion of dissembling and denial that follows the same patterns and only the costumes' names change.

Last week it was Chee-knee, this week it's attacks on Sotomayor. Next week? Who knows.

But we do know this...when you dance with the skunks, you stink, too. And all the fancy degrees or K Street digs or face time with Wolfie or Tweety or whoever's on the unwatchable network won't change that.

'cause if you are, in fact, a person, then you are policy...and language...either your own or that which serial language-abusers like Luntz put in your mouth.
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