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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ganging up on Nancy

Well, the torture boys are in full throated fingerpointing outrage at Nancy Pelosi, with loads of help from the starry-eyed media. Ooooh, food fight....

Nice try at diversion, guys. Who knows, maybe it'll poison the well...or the jury pool, as it were.

Even squeaky-voiced Newt has gotten into the act.

Ooooh, oooh, she knew, she was told, boogah-boogah...

Okay, let's say we assume she was. Let's say we assume she's covering her posterior. Let's assume, being the astute politician she is, she saw the only way she could change things was to take over the Congress, work to take over the White House. Hmmmm. Mission accomplished.

Now the Nancy bashers, on the other hand, for all their red-raced ranting, cannot cover up one clear, simple fact.

Torture was the policy of the Bush-Chee-knee White House. Torture was micromanaged from within the Bush-Chee-knee White House.

History will sort out the rest. And if Pelosi or any other Democrat should have acted differently, we'll ultimately find out.

But right now, do not insult our intelligence [or in the case of too many in the media, show your ignorance or culpability to cover-up] with partisan screeding spin a la Mr. Newtveau Catholique who already has such an excellent track record with women.

Pivoting to gang up on Nancy 'cause you can't lay a glove on Obama and you don't want people [i.e., the easily led media] talking about the fact that your boyo Rove was scheduled to be questioned in the U.S. attorney firings Friday really shows the desperate and pathetic state of the ReThug party these days.

Chee-knee, Rush, Newt, Rove.

The Four Horses A sses of the Apocalypse decade.
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