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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Her good doctor

Today a good man, a good doctor was murdered by a rightwing fanatic, a—yes—domestic terrorist.

Dr. George Tiller was beloved by his community, his patients, because he was far more than the shallow stereotype label, "abortion doctor," we've come to expect from the cynical politicians who trade in emotional manipulation and the shallow stenographers of the media who let the Rethug blast faxes dictate their reporting.

We've seen the tradmedia fall in line this past week as they let Rush and Newt dictate their news coverage on Sonia Sotomayor.

Will we see the same distortion and half-truths about Dr. Tiller in the news coverage this week?

Perhaps the breathless coiffed anchorbots and their producers and corporate owners should take a look at another big story this week, the GM bankruptcy, and realize that business as usual is the road to business-end.

It'd be nice to hear the full story reported on Dr. Tiller and his cold-blooded killer and those who incite such acts. Instead of the verbal wrestling that is some phony "fair and balanced."

Maybe a class action lawsuit against the inciters would get their attention. It worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center against Tom Metzger. Maybe it's time to hit these media hatemongers where it hurts the most...in their wallets.
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