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Monday, September 15, 2008

More Babble

With feathers on his lips, the same ol' same ol says today the foundations of our economy are strong. And a McCain-Palin administration would bring accountability and transparency to Washington.

Then why are McCain's team advising and helping Palin obstruct and obfuscate the investigation of her alleged abuse of power as Governor of Alaska. Accountability? Transparency? I don't think so.

Why are the McCain team repeating the lies that have already been debunked, dishonored, and deplored across the political spectrum, by Republicans and Democrats alike?

Folks, you can't trust the fox to guard the henhouse...or fix it either. The Republicans controlled Congress for twelve years. They've controlled the White House the last seven-plus years.

Now they want another four years.

While Galveston lies in ruins, hidden away from public view. While New Orleans still languishes. While Americans from coast to coast, small towns to big city neighborhoods are being driven out of their homes by bankruptcy.

And the Republicans have mocked us from the moment they named their own network.

We've been out-Foxed long enough.
Vote Democratic in November.

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