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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finding Your Bliss

Nurturing the spirit that keeps us going even--especially!--in challenging times sometimes gets too little of our attention. The weekend spirit is something that should run as a thread through us every day. Most days, it doesn't. Lost in the focus on work or politics or whatever else comprises your busy multi-tasking life.

But on the weekends, you have the chance to step out of your routine, to try a new road, to find a new purpose that will reinvigorate and renew you. Christy over at fdl offered up a question this morning on bliss.

And sometimes it is sitting and absorbing, like the beauty of a symphony.

And sometimes it is stepping out the door and taking a step in a new direction.

Walking out the front door right into the welcoming arms of the tall timbers for a whole week.

Backroad drives where the deer peek out from the trees or walks on the graveled hills, dogs tugging against the leashes.

Sandhill cranes standing in the harvested fields…weak soil it is, but this time of year that doesn’t matter, the crops are golden.

The cranes stand two by two now, scattered by quarter sections, seemingly unaware they are not the only creatures in the world. But soon one will signal and from the miles around all will gather, and the joyous cacophony will drown out the mundane, as the great migration of seasonal change begins.

Might be a metaphor in that. Or a symphony.

Photo Credit: Mr. Sunshine, h/t to Christy and firedoglake for the signpost on Bliss, Prairie's quoted comment crossposted at firedoglake

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