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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blood Lust

Everything you need to know about where Sarah Palin is coming from philosophically can be summed up in her aggressive push for the slaughter of wolves from airplanes.

Of course, if you're an ol' flyboy, that probably sounds appealing. Never need to look in the eye the people you're killin'. Just bomb, bomb, bomb. No wonder McCain, she calls him McCain, thinks she's his soulmate.

Isn't eight years of government by blood lust enough?


Kathleen Eagle said...

Thanks for putting people onto this link, Sandy. This news was the straw that tipped the scale for my dog lovin' defender of wildlife daughter, who is so disgusted with politicians that she thinks they're all the same and that it won't make a difference who gets into the White House.

The willingness to slaughter animals from the air is so telling. It's not hunting. And paying a bounty for a foreleg? Reminds me of scalping, and I'm not talking about concert tickets.

I love your blog, Sandy. I don't often post on these sites, but more and more I'm finding that the mainstream media is all about entertainment. Hundreds of channels and no substance. We desperately need substance. Thanks for giving voice to the stuff that counts!

Bustednuckles said...

Maybe they need to go up together, with McCains record, we might not have to worry about them coming back.