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Sunday, September 21, 2008

We've Heard this Song Before...

And it's a siren song.

The times are desperate. We must act immediately. Dire consequences will befall the universe if you don't do what we want right now.

There have been too many examples of the Congress being steamrolled by the Rethugs and their White House these past nearly eight years that my first reaction is an immediate Whoa!

Whether it's the pre-election rush Congress into war powers for Bush that put us into Iraq. Or the scramble to be Patriots. Or the vote on Schiavo....

At long last, will this Congress stop running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trippin' and bumpin' over each other in their mad scramble to get into the Rush-and-Rove approved henhouse?

We have a sobering financial crisis in this country.

Will the Congress recognize and act as grownups to safeguard against perpetuating the same ol' same ol'? Of will they let the Foxes ratchet up the hysteria and send the good seeds of common sense and reason and, yes, regulation, be scattered like chaff in the wind?

What Congress does these next few days will have repercussions extending far into the future. All of us, citizens, taxpayers--VOTERS--must keep in mind is that the NEXT administration will have the tools, or absence of them, to set policy.

Who will we trust? The party that gave us deregulation upon deregulation and "shop, shop, shop" and "ownership society"? Or the party of change we need?
UPDATE: Michael Bloomberg talking common sense on Meet the Press this morning.

UPDATE: Senator Chris Dodd talking accountability on This Week with George Snuffy this morning. There's an expectation we'll act quickly, but also intelligently.
You're singin' my song, Senator....

UPDATE: A Democratic Congressperson expresses the outrage we're feeling at the abuses that happened and wants credit counseling for the arrogant fools.

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