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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dog Ate Sarah Palin's Homework

In her second televised interview, with Notorious Bespectacled Impish Gibson, Sarah Palin proved that, yes, she can be coached, she can put on a performance with talking points, she can hold her hands just so to reinforce what she's saying.

And my cocker spaniels have been trained to sit, and stay, and be good guys.

But being good guy ready to lead America--and Sarah herself says she doesn't think in gender terms, she's a product of Title 9 and a strong household, she's made choices all along the way (and doncha just love that she's gotten to make choices?), and sexism doesn't enter into it for her--is more than reciting talking points and modulating sincerity into your voice and cupping your hands in embrace of what you're saying.

Because the world is full of bad guys. And yesterday, the Palin partisans say, Gibson was a bad guy. 'cause he was, you know, a reporter. A reporter whose questions brought out more than just pronouncing strange names right, more than foreign policy tourist points. He brought out how totally out of her depth Sarah Palin was...like the Wasilla Warriors high school hockey team trying to take on Gretsky in his prime.

Today, Charlie was a good guy, a GMA guy, and the soft edges were all in place.

But apparently even that is too hard for Palin, because her next interview's reported to be with Sean Hannity. And we know what a hard-edged ferreter out of truth and reality ol' Hannity is.
Sidebar to Sarah: If, pish-posh, you had no intention of banning books, why did you keep asking about it after the first time? And why did you fire the librarian?
We saw today the problem with the media agreeing to these folksy sit-downs. Where's the follow-up? But I guess the hurly-burly of an actual press conference is too tough for Sarah Palin. 'cause Title 9 aside, she just doesn't have the knowledge...or the judgment about tough choices...or the time to cram for all the questions...or the guts to face the press.

She and the McCain campaign prefer to put Palin up in the rarefied helicopter air of Alaska and pick off the reporters one by one. As long as they get to do the picking. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way out here in the rest of the world.

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