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Saturday, September 20, 2008

All Slime All the Time

As Frank Rich tells it, the Rovian school of smear, lie and obfuscate is in full dress battle gear these days. And there's much to lie and obfuscate about in the long and "stellar" career of John McCain.

From Keating 5 forward, McCain's practiced the politics of slippery dancin' that would make Charles [Best Little Whorehouse in Texas] Durning and more recently Karl Rove and his back-up dancer David Gregory proud.

While Rich gives somewhat of a sop to the media--bless their poor l'il hearts, they just can't keep up with the likes o'Steve Schmidt and Rove--I'm not so charitable. Just this week I commented about Brian Williams news team conveniently leaving out the detail that the Obama tax plan targets the top miniscule percent of Americans for an increase.

Bit of an "oversight" there, Brian.

No wonder a Washington Post poll cited by Rich found that half of those polled believed Obama would raise their taxes.

You'd think after the last two elections, the media would've started to sharpen up, but then that would presuppose they are [with too few exceptions] either sufficiently competent, experienced, or possessing of enough integrity and plain ol' initiative not to get themselves gutted like a Palin moose.

As it is, media clucking over Palin ineptitude or inexperience or incompetence has the taint of projection to it. Culling the herd never looked so grim.

Is this the best we can do--in our politicians? And in our press?

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