There's been a great hue—look away! and cry—look forward! among the media P-class. Pundits and politicians alike doing their best to deny, avert their eyes, hide their noses behind their lavender-soaked hankies lest they breathe the stench of the T-word.

But maybe this time it won't work. Just as the rightwing teaparties were ultimately a great colossal failure in large part because the media stopped being compliant megaphones for the FOX/con propaganda machine, so too can we stop the momentum of see-no-evil hear-no-evil which makes-us-evil, if we seize the opportunity to make right what was done so very wrong in our name.

We're seeing right here in the progressive blogosphere that the chorus of voices calling for reason and accountability are building. For plain old common sense. Time to use that common sense for the common good.

Mistakes were made. Legal opinions were followed. It all rings pretty hollow, now doesn't it.

Better we lance this gangrenous infection of the body politic now lest it destroy us all. My grandparents emigrated from Germany in their youth, and their son, my father, fought with his fellow Marines against the tyrants in World War II. I am as mindful of their legacy as I am of my young grandson who will inherit the results of how we act these days. Never let it be said, in their name, that I shirked from standing against tyranny in this land they and I love so much.

Even for the deniers of history, the ignorers of history, one thing remains...truth will out. Sooner. Or later.

Please, join in: Sign the petition telling Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate torture here.