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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Walk On By?

Senator Russ Feingold rightly blasts the so-far weaselly attitude about investigating how BushCo became torturers in our name...

From the Congress to the White House to the Newseum set of This Week, far too many are taking a hands-off, don't ask don't investigate response to the rising outcry for investigation and prosecution where warranted in the matter of torture.

None exemplifies this disgraceful attitude more than the newly glammed up conservative partisan Peggy Noonan's observation that some things should just remain mysterious, that we should just walk on by....

Like the Catholic Church remains mysterious to this day about pedophile priests?

The examples are legion of the inherent hypocrisy and danger of cover-up.

You cannot treat wounds until you clean out the infection and apply the right remedy to heal.

I watched President Obama speak to the boisterous crowd at the CIA yesterday. And my first thought was not that they welcomed him because he was there to protect them, but rather that he, on behalf of all Americans, was there to help them cleanse the taint that had been placed upon them by the order-givers who preceded him. We owe them no less.

And as repellent as it may be to read, I would accept the selective use of pardon power or prosecutorial discretion in order to get the truth. With no quarter for those who abused their position—whether in an interrogation/torture room or inside the Oval Office.
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