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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bachmann with 2 N's

A "eureka!" moment this morning. Finally I have figured out how it is that Michelle Forked Tongue Bachmann manages to get elected over and over.

While discussing her latest verbal gaffe/fluff/LIE, a local talk radio personality noted that she's related to those great folks in Minneapolis who sell the flowers.

Huh? That just didn't sound right to me, so I googled. And sure enough. Michelle Bachmann—2 N's is different than Bachman Flowers—1 N.

Everybody loves Bachman Flowers. They're the Minnesota folks who came up with the lighted Christmas houses in their "Dept. 56."

But they're totally different than the slitherin' tongued Miz Michelle Bachmann.

So in the interest of fact checking—something Bachmann herself is woefully oblivious to, given her latest "interesting" "Democrat" fever proclamation—especially for voters in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, remember, it's Michelle, 2 L's; Bachmann, 2 N's.

Bachman Flowers are totally different. Not that Michelle Bachmann has likely gone out of her way to clarify, I'm bettin'. Nope, she's too busy trading in the innuendo and smear and false witnessing to her hyperpartisan audiences.

And on behalf of all the pork producers of the region, its "new" flu...not swine flu, or Democrat flu, or any of the other hyperpartisan attempts to spin a public health issue for political gain. As another local talker pointed out, imagine if it were labelled Catholic flu.

Pat Buchanan would melt down. To say nothing of Peggy Noonan.
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Teddy said...

Except it's Michele one L

One L two Ns.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Ouch! Thanks for the correction.