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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prairie's Potpourri of Politics

Yes, the photo op fly-over New York City was a mistake. It qualifies as a "bonehead mistake" and should be an opportunity to set process that assures such does not happen again. The question "what could possibly go wrong" should be chiseled into the grey matter of all Democrats, especially all Obama Administration officials.

No, I am not going to use this as a moment to bash the Republicans for never asking the "can turkeys fly" kind of question in all their years of power. What's that? You say I just did? Well, fancy that....

And Arlen Specter, formerly a Republican, apparently can recognize reality when he sees it. Welcome to the Democratic [notice how he called us "Democratic" once he was no longer a lock-step Republican?] Party.

And in hometown news, local media are reporting that Drew Wrigley—North Dakota's US Attorney for the Bush Administration, close confidante of Ashcroft and Gonzales, and aggressive part of the Brooks Brothers riot in Florida 2000—has announced he will sign on with the local Blues. Because the health insurance industry is all about caring and concern for the patient rather than their own greedy a**es and opportunism, doncha know....

Wrigley makes no bones about the fact that he sees his sojourn in corporate work as a mere waystation on the Republican trail.

Wrigley, best known for having prosecuted the man convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering Dru Sjodin, will become a vice president at Noridian Administrative Services.

The company, an affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, announced that Wrigley has been hired as its vice president of compliance, audit and corporate ethics.

Yes, I do find the job description's inclusion of veep of ethics ironic...why do you ask?
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