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Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Pillar of the New Foundation

The magnificent Glenzilla over at Salon reminds all the lavender-scented hankie waving Villagers that it's not about pointing a finger while ignoring your own other fingers pointing back at yourself. It's not about Republican vs Democrat. It's not about politics. It's not about parsing and clever wordsmithing. It's not about retribution.

It's about acts of torture. Who directed them? Who knew? Who....

The inability of so many people (both Republicans and Obama-loyal Democrats) to view the need for prosecutions independent of political considerations is a potent sign of how sick our political culture has become. The need for criminal investigations is motivated by one simple, consummately apolitical fact: serious and brutal crimes were committed at the highest levels of the government, ones that left a trail of many victims. A country that purports to live under the rule of law has no choice but to treat its most powerful members who commit serious crimes exactly the same as ordinary citizens who do so. That has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats.

And thus, it's about the foundation of this nation.

There is none so blind as those who willfully will not see. And none are more blind than the incestuous denizens of The Village.

President Obama promised to build a new foundation under the country on the shattered shards of the Bush years. No doubt he was focused on the wretched state of the economy, and health care, the environment and implications of global climate extremes, and education. But we must rebuild the strong pillar of the rule of law in order for this new foundation to sustain the nation.

When rule of law is restored, then the other pillars will rise in like fashion.

Strong, built to endure like rock...not sand that melts away and clouds umpire's eyes.

These are all interlinked, you can see it if you have the will.

If you are committed to the most fundamental foundation on which this nation and our Constitution were founded:
We, the people...
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