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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where Is Roxana Saberi?

Roxana Saberi was arrested a month ago in Iran where she had been attending graduate school and freelance reporting for NPR and the BBC, among others.

But here in Fargo, she is better known as a former news reporter at a local television station, a former Miss North Dakota, a graduate of North High and Concordia College across the river in Moorhead, slated to be the commencement keynote speaker in May at Concordia.

We don't know many details, except that her parents here in Fargo (her father is Iranian) were instructed not to report her arrest and subsequent disappearance, and they held their silence until now.

We talk in the blogosphere about the risks our military face if captured because of our conduct at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. Roxana is not a soldier. She is a student. And until recently she was permitted to file her freelance radio reports.

Now, her voice is silent. And the context is alarming.

We raise our voice asking the State Department, the Iranian government, the voices of all those who strive for a better world to do everything you can to bring Roxana home safe.

Her parents are waiting, and we, her hometown neighbors, are waiting, too.
UPDATE: Over at FDL, commenter cinnamonape provided this link:
Here’s the link to the heart-rending NPR Interview with her father.
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