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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prairie Droppings in the Snow

Hmmmm, now why is it that the catastrophic climatic consequences of global warming put me in mind of Republicans? Just time enough for a quick roundup to round out the Month, the First Quarter, of the new Obamatastic Era.

Sy Hersh tells NPR's Terri Gross that Chee-knee left behind a passel o'spies deep in the bowels of the Obama administration. And this surprises anyone outside of the progressive blogosphere who've been buzzing about it for weeks because????????? Next they'll be tellin' us he still has his hit squad in command. And the destroyed tapes? Well, what do you think that man-sized safe was for? And the undisclosed location?

Meanwhile, back at the Republican dinner party circuit, Newt Gingrich will take the place of the legendary Pleistoscene warrior Palin who's about to learn just what the wolf feels like when the airplane starts circling.

And here in the homeland homestate, the Minnesota 3-judge panel ruling delivers the kiss o'political death for Normie Coleman today. Even Crummy Cornyn's protestations of WW3 won't be enough to halt this train... Oh, and Limbaugh? You're still a Big Fat Idiot, but you do qualify for sandbag detail along the Fargo dikes. Just climb inside...one ton's the scale.

Nothing like a little schadenfreude to take one's mind off the wiles of Mother Nature in the north country.

Oh, and Wall Street banksters? If you think you were invited to the White House for just tea and crumpets and a little sternly worded schmoozing, brace yourselves...you've been warned.
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