There'll be lots of shovel work in Fargo this weekend...folks filling sandbags, preparing to defend the city against the predicted flood. 1.5 million sandbags, to start.

We've hefted more than a few over the years, growing up in this community. There's work to be done.... and this is how it goes hereabouts: Everybody, from bankers to students to Teamsters to ladies clubs. Everybody pitches in.

No dallying, no whining for a bonus, no what's in it for me...well, there was that cluster the last time that sat on their decks watching volunteers save their asses. But rumor is they didn't have what it took, riff raff, they're long gone. Along with a scurvy BCBS exec and his severance more lately. And good riddance. But that's another story.

Keep a good thought for Fargo and the small towns and cities up and down the basin of the Red River of the North. Floodwaters heading our way in coming days. We've been here before. We've kept 'em at bay. We will again.

And go, Bison!