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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roxana Saberi's Imprisonment Continues

Despite hopes that action to release her would be taken before the Iranian New Year, Roxana Saberi still is imprisoned in Iran.

Now that the Iranian New Year celebration has begun, essentially the whole country goes on holiday for two weeks. A holiday that Roxana will not share.

Roxana's father, in a local television interview, said the New Year celebration was Roxana's favorite. He has not been able to speak to her since their March 9 conversation, a brief one that was monitored by Iranian officials.

North Dakota's Congressional delegation are all taking a personal interest in Roxana's circumstances, as is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And everyday people from bloggers to the North Dakota legislature which will introduce a resolution of support for the efforts to gain her release.

But it appears that until the holiday passes, the only option for Roxana is to pass yet more time confined in a prison near Tehran.
UPDATE: I've just spoken to Roxana's father, and I shared with him the concern and caring that people have expressed here and at Oxdown.

He will be talking with local media this afternoon about his open letter to the leadership of Iran. As soon as links to video are available, I'll post them.

One suggestion for those who want to help -- contact your Senators and Congresspeople and ask them to support the North Dakota Congressional delegation--Senators Dorgan and Conrad and Representative Pomeroy--in the efforts to bring Roxana home safe...and soon.

I'd add, ask the national media to pay attention, too.

It's time to bring Roxana home.
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