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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wheels Coming Off the Imus Wagon?

This morning, RFD-TV censored comedy bits by two of Imus' sidekicks. Admittedly Rob Bartlett's routine as Dice Clay yesterday was beyond raunchy for RFD's audience. But then that's what remote buttons are made for.

In a possibly inadvertent admission, another sidekick, Bernie, bantering with Imus about Neil Cavuto's too busy to appear syndrome, let slip that their touting Fox Business News is a "billboard" that is paid for.

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that there's gamblin' in that there casino.

What does this all prove? For one thing, that the media should be as forthcoming about their "special interests" as we want the politicians to be. And that the change and clean-up that this country so desperately needs covers a lot more than Pennsylvania Avenue.

On the bright side, better to be confirmed a whore than thought a fool


abreugallery said...

if it weren't for the talent of the imus on air staff things would be pretty stagnant for ole prostate boy. why does rfd believe they can tell us what's appropriate in the morning. we want to be able to walk out into the world knowing what's out there boys, not to be surprised and eaten up by it without knowing what IT is.

Anonymous said...

They censored Tony as well this morning. Look, it's either legit to air or not. If it steps over the line based on the accepted standards of the broadcaster, straighten it out with the talent. I was insulted to have my morning upset because some prudish element of Ma and Pa Kettle were watching the program only to see 45 seconds by Brian Hefty, or the absurd commercials.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that RFD decided to censor the comedy skits this morning, and then not have the courage to mention why to the viewers. They knew what they were getting when they decided to simulcast Imus. DirecTv just displayed a image saying that Imus would resume shortly. I wonder if the I-man was aware of the censorship? I was able to listen to wabcradio.com to catch what I missed though.

Anonymous said...

I doubt those of us who watch Imus regularly are easily offended by the humor. It's ashamed the network holds the audience in such low regard...if they lose Imus' show in the AM, they're shootin' themselves in the foot. How many people are gonna get up at 6 to watch the Big Joe Polka Show or 30 year old Conway Twitty reruns?

Anonymous said...

I was watching this morning as well and couldn’t believe what I saw. I immediately emailed Patrick Gottsch, Imus Radio, Imus RFD, Rob Bartlette, and Tony Powell. So far I have not received a response from any of them. I am just wondering what is going to happen tomorrow? I hope an Imus explosion. Your correct about using your remote. Change the bloody channel if you don’t like what your watching! For G-d’s sake I figured Gottsch better than the stooge he is turning out to be. He knew or should have known what he was getting into when he took on Imus and the Imus program. If he didn’t, he’s not only a stooge, but just plain stupid! One of the main reasons I watch Imus and put up with his vitriolic sardonic so called humor, not to mention his baby whining about just about anything are the comedians on staff, guests, and phone interviews. I was amazed that Gottsch took on Imus in the first place. Now he is showing what a gutless boob he must really be!