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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roxana's Two Minutes

Roxana Saberi, currently imprisoned in Iran, finally had a scant two minutes to talk to her parents in Fargo Monday. She is, she told them, unharmed.

The family's attorney met with her Sunday and his recounting of that meeting to her father was also limited to two minutes.

Roxana is a student in Iran and has reported from there for the BBC, for NPR and others. Initial reports said she was arrested for buying a bottle of wine. Later, that was changed to say that she was arrested for reporting after her press credential stopped in 2006.

There have been big events hereabouts this week—in sports, in weather—but this is news that needs recounting.

There have been big events in the world this week—spree shootings, preening pundits pontificating on politics, Bristol's breakup. And the big media maw scoops 'em up and moves quickly on to the next.

We'd all do well to remember that real events keep on keeping on. They happen to real people. And one of those people is Roxana Saberi.
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One Fly said...

Ran across your site a few days ago and very much enjoy what you're putting up.

OTC has linked to you and please keep us informed about Roxana.