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Friday, January 23, 2009

Scientific Inquiry Is Back!

Breakthrough! News this morning that the FDA has approved the first embryonic stem cell study. CNN's reporting turned to stumbling back and forth between their anchor and their medical not-Sanjay on which works better, embryonic or adult.

That immediate rush to framing is concerning.

For too long, scientific inquiry, like everything else the Bush Administration touched, was couched in false framing. Or flat-out lies.

I hope that the increasingly self-immolating mainstream media (and see yesterday's link to Hunter) will not be manipulated by dogma from a screeching few ideologues instead of listening, yes, to facts and reason-based opinion on both scientific/medical and ethical considerations .

The media have, for too long, pitted screeching against reality as some sort of "fair and balanced." Now, they are on the brink of "Foxifying" and "Crossfiring" themselves right out of existence.

Because when President Obama [God, I love to say that!) called on all of us to put aside childish things, to grow up, shape up, pull up our britches, by golly, he was talking to the Whine Club of the anachronistic media, too.

Obama's pace of unraveling what BushCo probably "heh, heh, heh-ed" would be tightly bound Gordian policy knots is breathtaking...from issues of security and torture to family planning and medical research. Something reassuring to see that the previous administration has been as incompetent at locking-in their radicalism as they were at everything else they touched.

Now excuse me while I go whip up some scrambled poultry embryos and contemplate the potential this one restoration of science opens for all.

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