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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blair House Which Project—Tuesday, January 6


By now you probably wonder whether I'll waver. Whether I've the stamina to stay the course and just keep asking the question. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I've been pondering epiphanies—today's the day for it, after all—and wondering whether the press would ever get it...why it matters.

For a moment there, last night, watching John King announcing on the Colbert Report his new Sunday morning gasbag-primetime talk show, I had hopes. After all, he said the most valuable part of the campaign season for him was getting out beyond the beltway to the little towns, talking to the little people about the state of the country. And how he wants to keep that perspective when he launches his new show.

King also reflected on how they [the Very Important Village Media] didn't ask the tough questions of Bush lo' these many years.

And ya know, he's right, and instead of waiting to pile on Obama as Colbert snarked they would, here's a thought.

Because King's replacement over on the White House beat, Kate Bolduan, mentioned something interesting, just in passing yesterday, when talking about the Obama girls leaving the Hay to head to school with the big security convoy.

Did you know the Hay may be a stone's throw away, across Lafayette Park, from the White House? But it's outside the security barrier.

And Blair House is inside the security barrier. Security's the issue, not proximity, seems to me.

So I'm wondering, just what's more important than the security of the incoming president and his family? D'ya think Kate or John or Dancin' Dave or ol' Bob Schieffer or the soon to be only Little George in town or Ruth Marcus or, you know, anybody who moves and shakes in the Village press corps might be persuaded to ask:

Which bunch o’BushCo's “eventing” in Blair House today?
Any contrary coverage yet that puts a lie to my countdown? All ya gotta do is let me know.
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