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Monday, January 5, 2009

Blair House Which Project—Monday, January 5

This links to the Caucus article in the NYT that seems to say that the Obamas will stay at the Hay hyphen Adams until January 20, while other outlets like McClatchy in yesterday’s BHWP post have said the Obamas are livin’ in the Hay until January 15.

Poor handwringing media, they can’t even get their public facts straight. And fergoshsakes, don’t expect ’em to commit an act of reporting — ooh, ooh, booga-booga, don’t make us point out what a no-class thug to the end Bush is being... And what total hypocrites we VVMs are after the media savaging overdrive about the Lincoln Bedroom in the Clinton years now that we’re saying nada about Bush’s confiscation of the entire Blair House.

Party central for outgoing staffers? Is that what’s going on? Or one last round o’fillin’ up the ol’ coffers? Or maybe it’s a book party for Her Ghoulness who evidently has risen from her crypt to press her venomous schtick upon the unwary thanks to the assistance of the lapdog press who built her up.

Is that why there’s been no coverage? No passing reference? No solid reporting? Could it be the Village’s Very Best Media are too ashamed to admit they’re in on the charade? On the guest list for the parties? Like everything else the last eight years?

If so, we deserve to know. It’s a simple question, the tip of the Stunningly Superficial iceberg, one might say.

Which bunch o’BushCo's “eventing” in Blair House today?

Any contrary coverage yet that puts a lie to my countdown? All ya gotta do is let me know.

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