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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Dawn

Watching the hundreds of thousands of people already gathering on the Mall in Washington in the pre-dawn darkness of this Inauguration Day and the gatherings of security to keep everyone safe and hearing the reflections...Robert Gibbs talking to Morning Joe and Mika, Dick Gregory talking to Imus, John Lewis talking to Brian Williams, legions of others in recent days...the spirit of joy and euphoria surely must extend from the shores of the Potomac all across this country into all but the darkest of hearts.

Giddiness, almost, as we step out of the darkness and into the light of a new time, a new leader with the promise of hope and change, but also a leader worthy of the mantle we placed on him November 4.

Some say we're too giddy, spending too much money on this day. Some skew the costs and ignore the obvious. Millions will cheer on this day in Washington. Perhaps those number cookers would like to compare costs of inaugurals by cost per person attending, and then see how the numbers play out.

But no matter, even the whine club cannot chill our spirit as we contemplate this day. For already, even before his swearing-in, Obama's inaugural will be America's first jump start for the economy. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

For caterers and cops. For cheesy souvenir sellers. And even impromptu rickshaw services.

So let us all, from sea to shining sea, grin along with Mika and make the most of this day.

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