The Ty Corporation, evidently not satisfied with having their CEO sittin' in jail and trying to top their previous inglorious worst...remember the $6000 shower curtain? now marketing "Sasha" and "Malia" dolls. And making the preposterous assertion that they have nothing to do with the President's daughters.

Let's show Ty what we think of 'em: check the label: Boycott ALL THINGS TY.

Oh, and good luck with that next appeal, Mr. Kozlowski. America would love nothing better than to tell you to your face what A**holes you and your company are.


UPDATE: This story of flagrant greed has finally percolated up in the mainstream media, via CNN. Now more than ever it's time to nip this kind of abusive exploitation of the Obama representative of all little children who deserve better from big biz. Shame on the Ty Corp. Boycott all things Beanie Baby!


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