Well, it seems our little question finally gained some traction. Reports are coming in that Rachel Maddow brought up the secret of Blair House on her show Monday night. And then this little item popped up at the WaPoo late Tuesday afternoon. Mystery solved, says the WaPoo. [And just in time to pre-empt more commentary from Rachel, no doubt.]

Seems Blair House is held in splendid reserve and isolation for John Howard, Australia's former prime minister.

Funny thing about mysteries, though, they always have all those red herrings stinkin' up the joint. And this tale's a little fishy, too.

Even though the New York Times' Caucus weighed in with pretty much the same story. And John Stewart made note of the "one more time" from the Dick in the White House.

Yet there seems to be a hole or two in this story...Margaret Carlson said to have told Olbermann her research in December showed no visiting dignitaries scheduled.

There's a whole little buzzlet booming about Blair House right now, but maybe it's time to put this little chapter to rest without causing the former librarian and the soon-to-be-former president any dismay.

After all, they still have that party to plan for and host. You know, the "event" that superseded the Obamas staying in Blair House. I understand it's hosting members of some dim-plomatic group, although the details have been a bit vague.

Could it be the Bush Rangers and Pioneers, the ideological diplomatic corps of the rich and richer who bought this guy, in the drawing room with the silver spoons in their mouths?

Yep,there's all sorts of little plot twists in this mystery tale...and as for the dangling loose threads, well, I'll leave that to someone else to tie up. I've got a beautiful mind that needs cleansing from the Whiches...and the Riches...and the....


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