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Monday, April 28, 2008

Moratorium on Infrastructure

Just what is a tax, anyway? The way I look at it, it's an investment in civilized society, the common good. Oh, and in some cases, it's:

a) a political gimmick
b) a road repaired or a bridge replaced
c) either/or...or all of the above? [just two, you say? Well, isn't that enough?]

Though I will allow that John McCain actually does see a tax as a couple more things:
1) political opportunity to posture over and spin and distort and twist and divert
2) something to flip-flop over.
3) both of the above, and more...

Take McCain's recent proposal for a temporary freeze on collecting taxes at the gas pump.

Big whup.

Let's say that tax amounts to 5 or 10% of your gas bill. Pretty small potatoes when compared to the two, three, four times per gallon as much as gas cost back in the good ol' days, also known as before the Bush Dark Ages.

Nope, McCain doesn't want to talk about the grotesque profiteering Big Oil's taking these days, coupled with the rampant speculation of Wall Street's hedge fund types who are driving gas prices right through the roof.

Get a handle on those guys? Not our John. His phony concern for the poor at the pump is belied by his diversion from the real issue: the greedy gas gougers who want four more years of Bush-whacking everyday Americans.

So this summer, as the dials spin higher and higher on gas prices, thank a Bush and a McCain as you hit those potholes and drive over the shaky bridges. Infrastructure brought to you by Republican politics.


Anonymous said...


You are so-o-o-o right. Sadly, the words "lower taxes" has successfully been used to intimate that we can keep 'more of our own money.' It is amazing to me that even those in lower economic status buy into this (yes, I will admit that once I was equally naive). When one is paying little or no tax becaus they make so little money, WHY does "lower taxes" resonate? Perhaps just because it sounds good.

Lower gas taxes "sound" good . . . but when the reality is lessened government revenue, we'll see neighbors (who work for govt) laid off; municipal works decline. Such a ripple effect . . . and no one wakes up till AFTER THE FACT.

Many Americans are awakening. Sadly, so many now are so harried--just trying to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads--they don't have time to educate themselves (to the reality) nor to participate in citizen activism. While the internet has brought us broader communication, many don't have time/money to avail themselves. And, cynic that I am, I wonder just how much freedom it provides. If leaders can coerce/influence telecoms to invade our privacy and behave illegally, can they not also--at a whim--interrupt or totally shut down this grassroots communication medium?

Prairie Sunshine said...

All the more reason we must maximize the synergy of the blogosphere to counter the shallow triviality that is much of "journalism" today...