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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gasbaggery by the Numbers

What's it to be this Sunday morning?

1. Barack's bitter orange juice
2. President admits he was in the loop of his senior officials playing "pull the wings off the baby butterfly" in the White House, thus channeling the corrupt president on "24"
3. 13 at current count killed this week while Petraus plays the war forward
4. Trent Lott says he paid for lunch while a Republican Senator/leader zero times
5. McCain confuses, conflates, and/or screws up Sunni and Shia for the bazillionth time, revises housing bailout for the mazillionth time; media reports flip-floppery....zero times
6. $109 million dollar sniper fire dodgin' Hillary says the guy who just finished paying off his student loans is an elitist

Whaddya think?

Jane Smiley has a great post up at HuffPo, where I added this comment:
We can anticipate Hillary's poll numbers will drop again, just like they did when she attacked Obama about Rev. Wright. She cannot break thru the 46% marker.

Audacity of Truth... Obama tells it while Hillary offers more "sniper fire" via the Politics of Screed.

Thanks, Jane, and the commenter who provided the women over 50 for Obama link.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't need a Pres who ducks snipers and snipers ducks.