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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

For all those of us who do not live in Pennsylvania, here are some suggestions for ways we can occupy our day while making our start at saving the planet. Pennsylvanians welcome to join in, too.

Contribute to the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees campaign. Better yet, contribute and then go out and get your own tree and plant it right in your own backyard.

Starting today, Drive 55. Why wait for somebody else's campaign or legislation? Nobody's stoppin' you...oh, the more foolish may honk their horns, but hey, it's good "greenin'," less pollution emissions into the air, and it'll raise your gas mileage, too.

Recycle—take magazines with you to the doctor's office and the next guy won't have to mutter because everything's months old. Donate books to your local library for their shelves and/or book sales. De-clutter your home, your life, your spirit...donate to thrift stores. Make your mantra "Everything I need I already have."

Stash your re-usable grocery bags in your car, and next time, no matter where you go shopping, take 'em along. The less plastic we use, the less oil needed to make it. The less coin in Chee-knee's pocket.

Whaddya think—how can you be a better planet steward today?...and the day after and....


k said...

I came across from firedoglake. I was curious about your post using the WPA photographs. Are you in Minnesota? I'm in Wisconsin, but came from there.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Thanks for stopping by, k.
I'm based in Fargo...and a weekend Minnesotan from time to time.