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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IRS Hood Ornament

North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan calls it a "hood ornament" for incompetence... the IRS program of outsourcing the collection of unpaid taxes, which lost some 37 millions of dollars while ostensibly collecting back taxes. Add in the questionable companies and their Republican ties, including a Texas company which was dismissed from collecting under circumstances not made public, and you have yet another example of the Bush Administration and Republican governance Stuck on Stupid.

Or maybe it's too clever by half, and just another day at the office for the Grover Norquist drain the bathtub way of running the country.

So for seven plus years we have watched our country spiral down into a morass of debt to China, an occupation of Iraq instead of crime fighting in Afghanistan, fearmongering propaganda and spinography posing as "news" from Faux and the traditional media, political prosecutions of folks like the Democratic Governor of Alabama, bridges tumbling down, economy in RECESSION, corruption and greed and cronyism that hasn't seen its like in American history, cynicism and manipulation of voters on hate and division issues, devastation of a beloved American city still ruined.....

Oh, and did I mention a Current Occupant who admitted his Principals authorized and micromanaged torture?

So, as you contemplate paying your taxes today, thinkin' you've gotten your money's worth lately?

One consolation, you've got another opportunity to "pay your taxes" come November. And next April, there'll be a whole new administration and Congress.

Let's cheer 'em on, but also, let's pay attention and hold their feet to the fire so we don't keep diggin' deeper in the mess we're in.

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Elliott said...

Taxation with lousy representation is tyranny!