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Friday, April 25, 2008

Auspicious April Day

One hundred years ago today, Edward R. Murrow was born, and his is a time worth marking for reminding us what journalism at its best can be. Intelligent, dogged in cutting through the chaff to bring the real story, unflinching in pursuing a story that needs telling. Not because it will pump ratings or advertising dollars, in fact it might cut them.

But it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve seen of late far too much of the opposite: “journalists” who act as little more than stenographers or plagiarists of partisan or agenda-driven press releases and “leaks,” or are totally clueless of the everyday lives of the people they’re “reporting” to, or are preening their own self-importance.

There are stellar exceptions.

Today is Murrow’s day. Journalists and consumers of the news alike will be well served by reflecting on what he brought to the news biz, the First Amendment, and democracy through his work.

Visit the new Newseum if you’re in the DC area, or watch George Clooney’s Good Night and Good Luck in your own hometown. And keep Murrow in mind as you listen to those who call themselves the media. Keep Murrow in mind as you watch the Sunday gasbag shows.

Keep Murrow in mind, and remember what news is supposed to be: information, not infotainment--with far too much of the info gettin’ lost in the swirl of “-tainment.”


Today is also Arbor Day. So get off your duff and go out and hug a tree. Better yet, use the widget and contribute to the Plant a Billion Trees campaign. And while you’re at it, plant some seeds…for the earth, for democracy.

h/t to Mr. Sunshine...38 years and every day an A Day!


Anonymous said...

Sorry this O/T, Sandy . . . but hey, Earths, Trees, Women--we have to tend them all, even though it keeps us fragmented.

Re: Lily Ledbetter - equal pay/discrimination matter. SC ruling is abhorrent, and countered many legal precedents. The ruling increased the difficulty with which women could pursue redress for discriminatory pay. Since the Senate, in the usual stalemate, failed to pass remedial legislation to let the SC KNOW what was intended by prior legislation, the only impact we can have right now--as individuals, as women, is to express our extreme displeasure to and at Goodyear. I encourage you and others to take a few moments to contact Goodyear (and if time is not an issue--contact your Senators and Representative, too). Below is the letter I sent; please feel free to copy, edit, personalize--but please ACT:


The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
1144 East Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44316-0001

Dear Sir,

I have been a lifelong Goodyear consumer. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am with your decision to appeal the Ledbetter decision as far as necessary to avoid responsibility. Obviously, your lobbying and political dollars have been well-spent.

While I am only one customer, I AM one (former) customer. Needless to say, I will now engage in my own form of lobbying, encouraging my family and friends to follow my pledge: to never buy another product of Goodyear-origin.

Your mistreatment of women in general, and Ms. Ledbetter in particular, should bring shame to your corporate conscience, embarrass your executives and board members, and point to the moral bankruptcy that your actions emphasize.

My action alone will not impact your bottom line—which seems to be the only metric you consider in formulating policy. But other mothers, other daughters, other wives can do no less than share my outrage. Our voices will be heard.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Thanks, Melody. No subject so important could be considered off topic.