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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tip O'the Hat Iceberg

Talk about a Friday dump.

On Hardball this evening/afternoon, Chris Matthews elicited from Scott McClellan, former Bush White House press secretary, that yes, the Bush team did furnish talking points [also known as "scripts"?] to commentators at the Fox Network.

Oh, but not the journalists, McClellan insisted, while adding that of course furnishing talking points to like-minded in the media was something everybody did.

Yeah, right.

American Pravda got some 'splainen to do. Along with all the rest of the right-wing punditocracy. Rush, anyone? L'il ol' Hannity? Papa Bear?

But really, McClellan didn't answer a question. He opened a door. And it'll be interesting to see in days ahead how this plays out.

Will anyone besides Helen Thomas ask:

* Just who at Fox are the commentators and who are the "journalists"?
* Fox and Friends...commentators? Or "journalists"?
* Any one of the ubiquitous blonde bimbazoids...commentators? Or "journalists"?
* How 'bout ol' Hume? Or Chris Wallace?

How 'bout you, Howie Kurtz...going to call your Reliable Sources for full disclosure?

Oh, and kudos to Chris Matthews. One small step for restoring honor and integrity to the Washington press corps. More of the same. Please.

posted at 7:43 pm CDT

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