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Monday, July 21, 2008

Andrea Concern Troll

Back from a daytrip, I was winding down and watching the repeat edition of Hardball this evening.

Andrea Mitchell was giving her best imitation of a concern troll, going on at great length lamenting the fact that "the press" were not allowed to take part in Obama's meetings with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead, they and we must rely on DOD video...of the conversations, of the great basketball shot, of the helicopter boarding...

How dare they, asserts Andrea. Sputter, sputter. Why, no other presidential candidate has ever done that....

Yeah, as I recall, John McCain went over to Baghdad on exactly the same kind of trip with his sidekicks, Sparky and Deppity Dawg. And they got great $5 deals on rugs and they got to walk thru a bazaar and look all kinda, you know, shoppy.

And John, I calls him John, told us how wonderful and safe and successful and super-duper everything was over there.

But he didn't mention the helicopters and the heavily armed security team surrounding them and....

what's this? The press didn't mention it either.

So maybe before Andrea Concern Troll keeps "lamenting" any further, she ought to just be grateful the military saved her and the rest of the lapdog bbq-sauce-whiskered BFFs of John from embarrassing themselves again.....
UPDATE: Seems I'm not the only one taking note of Lady Andrea's "performance" earlier tonight on Hardball. John over at C&L offers his take.

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