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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Take a Look at the Ad"

There they go again, the vapid vapors media doin' the heavy lifting for the McCain campaign of the latest whine-and-sheesh ad attacking Barack Obama.

Shame on MSNBC and CNN. This kind of propaganda-pushing we've come to expect from Faux News. But I guess now that McCain's made it the in-thing to toss your honor and integrity out the window, you in the BBQ media are going to play right along.

If you think this is some kind of "fair and balanced" for the media coverage Obama justifiably earned last week for his visits to the Middle East and Europe, let me be blunt: it's not.

And it is pathetic.
UPDATE: For further thoughts on dogwhistle tactics and the media who help push them, this from digby.

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Anonymous said...


I was able to listen to XM's Air America programming this morning (The Ed Schultz Show), where this ad was being discussed. But if ED wants to do Democrats a favor--he should post his version of Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John" on YouTube where progressives could capture and share it on their many blogs. Maybe I'm so out-of-the-loop that this is already 'passe', but I literally HOWLED, and am now searching for a way to retrieve it to share with hubby.