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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Surrender of McCain

The rollout of hate, slime and smear from the McCain camp in recent days proves with clarity this one thing:

John McCain has surrendered his honor, his integrity, his civility—some might say his manhood— to the merchants of hate within the Republican Party. Karl Rove and his succubi, Freedom's Watch, Adelstein. The only one missing is Medusa Matalin.

Maverick? Straight talker? Not so much.

"This is just one example of why John Weaver hasn't been involved in this campaign in over a year." McCain campaign manager, Rick Davis, snapping back to Andrea Mitchell's reading of Weaver's criticism of the "celebrity" ad.

Why? Because he's a decent, honorable human being?

Davis scrambling to defend his boss McCain with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. The distinctive stench of desperation oozing out of every pore.
UPDATE: Ron Brownstein stating the obvious to Mitchell: unsavory elements in the "celebrity" ad, the use of young blonde white women, reminiscent of the ad against Harold Ford. Plus noting McCain's sharper personal attacks and palpable lack of regard against Obama.

Will the McCainiacs pull back from these tactics? Or just go underground?

UPDATE 2: McCain provides an answer. At his town hall today, he says "We're proud of that commercial." Remember that, folks. A race-baiting ad. He's proud of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prairie Sunshine, fellow FDLer.
WOW...wish that I had heard the exchange. Thanks for the description.
It never ceases to amaze me. Repubs sink to the lowest, (and I do mean the LOWEST), common denominator in no time flat, and when called on it will inevitibly snark out "well the other side does it, too." Wankers
I hate what they have done to our country.
On a seperate note, yeay, it is raining here in Atlanta! It is coming down in torrents. We need it. The plants need it.
I'll send you a shot of one of the orchids when they come into bloom. So far, a few bloom sheaths.
Have a great weekend.

Prairie Sunshine said...

Thanks for stoppin' by! I love orchids. Much more pleasant to think about than the Replublislugs in the political garden...they telegraph their own tactics with what they label others.

Hotlanta is one cool city--hope to get back there one day.