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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Prince and the Paupers

Once again the moral bankruptcy of BushCo is on display.

This week Prince Harry was outed by GrudgeMatt—where is the toxic Hazmat cleanup crew for this sewer spewer?—with much the same craven gaminess as the outing of Valerie Plame.

Why do Republicans and their minions hate the footsoldiers?

Prince Harry was on the front lines in Afghanistan, serving side by side with his mates, an ordinary Harry, when GrudgeMatt took it upon himself to blare he was there thru the Internet.

Takes some real guts to betray a serving soldier, doesn’t it?

But then service on the front lines—as Plame and Harry both were doing in their areas of expertise—is something few in BushCo have done. Champagne National Guard, anyone? AWOL in Alabama? Other priorities…?

And then there’s the little stoolie who used his place in the White House to plagiarize again and again. Timothy Goeglein, another Rove disciple, so no surprise he proves to be yet another pustule on the body politic. His “borrowed” writings revealed in the morning, he was gone by the end of the day. So long and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Would that anyone could believe this was anything but damage control for a no-longer-usable tool.

Does this all rise to the level of Judas and Brutus?

You’ll have to search your own heart about that one. I know my answer.

Scum walks among us in rich raiment, and The Village politely nods and turns back to their quail wings and cocktail wienies. *yawn*

Except, scum rubs on a lot easier than it rubs off.

And moral bankruptcy has a nasty way of oozing into many a nook and cranny.

From the White House to too many in Congress to K Street to editorial offices of corporate media moguls and their court jesters...and back again in a merry ballroom dance…of princes, moral paupers, and those who should be pariah.


Anonymous said...

Plagiarize and you are out the freaking door in a nano-second. Authorize torture-not so much.

Mitsu Figaro said...

I'm still miffed at that outing from the Drudge Report. The military was the one thing Harry was doing right, and working along in the ideals that his mother taught him.(along with a long tradition in the royal family as well) Getting his hands dirty among the commoners and serving others other than himself.

Now that's been spoiled by a stupid git of something i still find annoying to this DAY. I remember doing a college radio news report of the Drudge Report's initial findings of Monica. The total lack of ethics hasn't changed in the last 10 or so years, i see.

What's the brit phrase for people like that? Oh yes, upper class twit! *grins*


Prairie Sunshine said...

Agreed, indeed.

These guys are a bunch of a-moral bottom feeders.