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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blue Collar? Vote Blue.

In a move that stunned many members of Congress, the Secretary of the Air Force gave a $35 billion-with-a-B contract via Northrup-Grumman to the French manufacturer of Airbus.

Conventional wisdom was running so strongly against Northrop-EADS in some corners of Capitol Hill that Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's office issued a statement late on Friday declaring Boeing the winner. It was swiftly retracted, reports Reuters.

Washington State and Kansas jobs will now go to France.

Ah, but George W. Bush's defense dept. gets to stick it to a blue-state-based American corporation and give the business—or at least a front of it—to red state Alabama. High crime? Or misdemeanor?

As for Kansas? Maybe now they'll wise up and stop voting against their interest.

Come November, any blue collar working American who still votes Republican is one of the last vestige of "fool some of the people all of the time"...

Vote Blue... And in the meantime, call your Congresspersons 'til you're blue in the face.


Anonymous said...

I guess what amazes me is that all Republicans have to do is utter the words "tax cut" . . . and the masses will fall in line. How long before they wake up and realize that when you are at or near poverty level, TAX CUTS offer you nothing. Even for middle class taxpayers, 'tax cuts' will not offer you handsome rewards. But the words sound good--don't they? Certainly they do if compared to 'tax increases.'

Are most Americans so fiscally-challenged that they fail to realize that 'tax increases' go to pay off our huge national debt, fund our needed 'social programs' like road building, school maintenance, fire departments? And at the same time, 'tax cuts' benefit primarily the wealthy and the corporate?

WAKE UP, Americans. When you hear 'tax cuts'--know that whoever utters such enticements is looking out for the top 1% and be afraid . . . be very afraid . . . and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


Prairie Sunshine said...

The short answer to your second paragraph would be "yes."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bit O/T--but I was reading about our burgeoning "prison industry" (especially in Texas.) Maybe there would be 'hope' for fiscal-education if it became MANDATORY for all inmates (now estimated at 1:10)to receive basic economic--and dare I suggest civic/constitutional--education. Just a thought.


Prairie Sunshine said...

You raise a good example of how off-the-rails the American economy really has become. Not just the Military-Industrial-[Congress] Complex that Eisenhower warned of [and don't you just love that Ike's Republican granddaughter has endorsed Democratic Obama].

But far too much industrialization of healthcare, criminal justice, education... more reading and books, more teachers, less dumbing-down needed to restore America.