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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

40 Years Ago Today....


Earlier today, I had this to say in a comment at Firedoglake in a thread led by Pachacutec's post, The Ferraro Fiasco.

Revising and extending my [previous/yesterday? it seems like a lifetime ago] remarks:

I denounce and reject Hillary Clinton.

It is too convenient by half to lay this on Geraldine Ferraro…that ol’ Gingerbread Boy fable has it… she is what she is, and demonstrably was in the past.

This is on Hillary Clinton. This divisiveness was her choice of campaign tactic. Her minions should all be called to denounce and reject her and this tactic as well. I’m lookin’ at you, Bill Nelson, Ed Rendell, Gov. Spitzer Corzine, et cetera, et cetera….

Just heard a conversation on MPR reminding us that 40 years ago today, Gene McCarthy upset the “rules” in the New Hampshire primary. I worked for Gene McCarthy’s national field staff. On this date back then, the outlook was positive, uplifting even. Before the darkness and hate set in. Spawned by purveyors of division.

On this date today, there’s still time to stay together, to be positive, uplifting even. But the fork in the road is coming up awfully fast.

The pattern of racist tactics of the Clinton campaign is clear. Unconscionable. And no smarmy half-assed wink and a nod smirking “tug back the reins” response from Hillary Clinton will suffice.

She should do as another politician has done today. Resign. Her campaign is on the wrong side of history. And the wrong side of honor.

This evening, Keith Olbermann spoke out in a powerful Special Comment.

The voices of the people must be heard. If not by Hillary Clinton, then by the Super Delegates, and the voters in the remaining primary states. Do not ally yourselves with one who divides, who chooses staff and advisors and advocates who carry out politics of hate and division. Do not let yourselves be brought down to the level of this campaign.

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Anonymous said...

After "my candidate" (Edwards) withdrew, I was willing to sit back and observe, and hopefully get enough insight to determine which of the two remaining candidates most nearly addressed my concerns. It was pretty much a "draw" for several weeks.

Unfortunately, what I have seen over the past couple of weeks shows (in my opinion) a raw, naked grab for power. Hillary no longer seems concerned about a direction for the country . . . or change . . . or hope, but instead, WINNING--at any cost--reveals a raw, naked lust for POWER that is not only unattractive, but counterproductive.

What I had hoped would be a spirited, uplifting adventure in politics is becoming a brawl. Clinton's shenanigans are becoming more difficult to contain under the guise of 'just politics.' I see her as the bully on the block, willing to use ANY method that she believes give her an advantage. She is effectively tarnishing her reputation as well as that of the party and the process. Character matters; attitude matters. Clinton's stidency, disingenuity and divisiveness may indeed tip the scales--and not in her favor.