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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oil on his Hands


So while Dubya's tap-dancin' in front of his fans at the White House waitin' for McCain to appear, his good buddies at OPEC are tellin' him, essentially, go piss up a rope. Dubya, a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Oil, may be making his buddies richer, but they seem to be more contemptuous as well. Lot of that going around....

The head of OPEC
is saying why should they lower the price of oil, when it's "mismanagement" of the American economy that's causing the problems. The sticker shock at the pump isn't their fault, they protest.

Apparently, holding hands with the guys what brung ya ain't what it used to be.

There's a lot of talk around the blogosphere about oil and gas prices right now. But that just scratches the surface. As deep as the oil wells are is the muck that surrounds this mal-administration's dis-handling of the affairs of the nation. Healthcare, education, the economy, treatment of troops and veterans...the reckless, profligate, tap-dancin' preznit despoils everything he touches.

And he's got a legion of dance partners. Including the next man who would be president, who seeks out the endorsement of right wing extremists like John Hagee...and right wing wastrels like George.

But when you dance with the devil or his disciples, you better watch out what you're gettin' on your hands.

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